November 9 horoscope

Protect against injury and illness. LEO July Aug. The people you meet will share ideas that will help you develop the changes that will encourage personal or professional growth. Romance is in the stars. An emotional matter will get blown out of proportion if you let others meddle in your affairs.

Focus on stabilizing your situation and gaining respect. Avoid indulgent behavior. The insight you get from your discussion will help you understand your current situation better. Romance and personal improvements are highlighted.

November 9

Gains will only be made if your plans are thought-out and executed without going over budget. Take care of unfinished business, documents and personal papers. Focus on what you can do to help others, not bring them down. Events, socializing and networking are favored. You may face opposition, but if you believe in someone or something, stand your ground and do your best to resolve matters without getting into a no-win situation.

Money can be made, contracts negotiated, and a higher position acquired. A high-energy approach will make others take note, and offers will follow. A settlement, gift or offering is within reach. Temptation will lead to taking a risk. Birthday Baby: You are charming, unique and persuasive.

Venus enters Sagittarius

You are progressive and trendy. By Eugenia Last. Luckily, a few hours later, the Moon teams up with freedom-loving Uranus in Aries which can help us to shake off the blues. Overall, Saturday is best for getting into new and interesting things with the people we love. By late Saturday night, the Moon enters responsible and committed Capricorn, where she'll stay well into Monday.

Under the Capricorn Moon, we'll find ourselves less in the mood to relax and more in the mood to get a jump start on the week ahead. With the Scorpio Sun teaming up with powerful Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday morning and the Capricorn Moon teaming up with the Scorpio Sun on Monday afternoon, we're reminded that we can accomplish just about anything we choose with patience, focus, and a strategic plan.

Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign this weekend, and be sure to check out your November horoscope. A weekend getaway could be in the stars for you, which could help to bring you and a friend or you and your sweetie closer. If you can't get out of town, then look to activities that ignite your mind and your spirit. On another note, it's time to make some boss moves.

November 9 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

You're getting closer to reaching a major goal. Some cash could be coming your way or you could be receiving some good news regarding a money-related matter. Overall, it looks like something you've been working hard at is about to pay off. Also, an important relationship enters the spotlight, you could connect with someone that wholeheartedly supports your dreams. Love and romance are in the air for you for a good chunk of the weekend. If single, you could meet someone worth getting to know further while a second shot with someone from the past could be offered to you.

November 9 Zodiac Sign

Couples do well with some action-packed quality time together. A little compromise is needed. If you've been feeling off-kilter, this is the perfect weekend for getting organized, centered, and letting go of old junk you no longer need. Your finances could use a thorough once-over too.

In love, your romantic life continues to improve. If single, someone could want to deepen the bond between you. Partnered Cancers win too. You might find yourself hit with the love bug too this weekend as a flurry of planets sit in your romance zone. You could meet someone new through a friend or online. There's also a chance you could hear from someone you thought might have fallen off the map. Use your best judgement though in terms of moving forward.

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Home and family are still on your mind and you might find yourself thinking about your long-term stability. A financial boost could come your way through work.

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Thinking about asking for a raise? Do it. Meanwhile, learning a new skill can help you to flourish creatively as well as improve your self-confidence. You may be feeling like your old self again, which means you'll be the belle of the ball for most of the weekend.