Scorpio december 25 compatibility

Scorpio is a water sign. They believe in flowing, or rotting. As such, they are consummate knowledge and truth seekers. Great at reading people, Scorpio is a sign that driven, dedicated and extremely loyal! Virgo, the virgin, is considered as the mother of the zodiac. The seventh sign, is anything but the virgin. Virgo is a sign that thrives on its sexuality and compassion.


They seldom consider sex as a taboo, because it always brings peace and calm to the ones involved. They nurturing in their very nature, be it man or woman. What do you think will happen with the passionate Scorpio and the nurturing Virgo fall in love? It will be a whirlwind romance!

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This is a love pairing that may just give vertigo to the people around them. They will have ups and downs.

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Both the signs, despite being zodiac neighbours, cannot be more different from one another. So you can imagine the sheer dynamism of this relationship. The bedroom is bound to be active for this couple.

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As we know, Scorpio is all about raw passion, Virgo is sensual and sexual by their very nature. All of these words describe what a Scorpio Virgo relationship can be like at its best moments. Here is a pairing that will have great conversations and even greater laughs.

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They are both vocal about their likes and dislikes and as such, misunderstandings seem difficult with them. In fact, this is the couple you will notice sitting at the bar, trying to get others to hit on their partner, and judge them on their attempt. While the Virgo may get bored of the game sooner, the Scorpio will not stop until the Virgo offers sex in return. That could describe the state of this pairing in its worst times. Both the signs are different, we know that, but when push comes to shove, these differences will come in the way of their love for each other.

When I make a mistake I admit and apologize, when he does. Rarely apologies. And the admiting part. Good luck.

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Also it depends on the situation. But he is a hand full. Lol Ps I am his Lil brat.

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Because I give him attitude he says. Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Your Astromatcha Score. Abera August 4, Joy July 30, Katelyne May 22, Tanya July 21, Anna July 27, Do not hesitate too much about asking your partner. Both of you have been under pressure and this is reflected in the status of your relationship. Taking this short trip together will help you to recapture the magic and rescue the relationship before it gets too complicated.

But your partner is far more worried about that than you and has taken this to heart.

You need to appear as a pillar of strength. You need to let go of petty grudges.